Taking photography to the next level

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Taking photography to the next level

© 2023 Adam Rios Photography

Taking photography to the next level

© 2023 Adam Rios Photography

From Casual to Formal: Outfit Planning for Your Albuquerque Family Portraits

Mar 29, 2024

A family portrait is a moment frozen in time, one that you'll look back on for years to come.

The right outfits can turn a good photo into a great one. But here's the kicker: what works for a casual backyard BBQ doesn’t necessarily cut it for a formal portrait session. And in Albuquerque, where the light can be as dramatic as the landscapes, choosing the right outfits becomes even more crucial. Let’s break down the art of outfit planning for your family portraits, shifting gear from casual to formal, and everything in between.

Understanding the Albuquerque Backdrop

First things first, let’s talk about Albuquerque. This isn't just about clothing. It's about how those clothes will look against the sandy hues of the desert, under the wide blue skies, or in the rustic charm of Old Town. Before you dive into your wardrobe, think about where you'll be.

Will it be in the golden hour glow of the Sandia Mountains or the lush greenery of the Rio Grande’s bosque? The backdrop will guide your outfit choices.

Casual Outfits: Comfort Meets Style

When you think casual, think coordinated, not matching. Gone are the days of everyone in white shirts and denim. Instead, aim for harmony.

  • Colors: Opt for softer, muted tones that complement the natural surroundings. Think sage greens, dusky blues, and warm earth tones.

  • Textures: Albuquerque has texture, so your outfits should too. Linen, light cotton, and denim add interest without overpowering.

  • Feet: Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if we’ll be exploring a bit to find the perfect shot. Cute sneakers, sandals, or boots work well.

And remember, casual doesn’t mean sloppy. We’re going for effortless, not unplanned.

Formal Outfits: Elevating the Occasion

Switching gears to formal attire brings an entirely different vibe to your family portraits. This is about making a statement.

  • Color Palette: Darker shades often work well for formal portraits, adding a touch of elegance. However, don't be afraid of a pop of color, especially against Albuquerque’s often-neutral backgrounds.

  • Fabrics: Think luxe. Silks, satins, and well-tailored suits make your photoshoot feel like an event.

  • Accessories: This is where you can truly personalize your look. Statement jewelry, cufflinks, and even hats can add a layer of sophistication.

A formal portrait is a chance to be a little grandiose, to capture a more polished version of your family. Embrace it.

Mixing Casual and Formal: The Best of Both Worlds

Who says you have to choose? More and more families are opting for a mix, capturing some photos in casual attire before slipping into something more formal. This gives you a range of images that capture all facets of your family life.

  • Planning: If you're mixing styles, think about the transition between them. How can you switch things up without needing a complete change facility?

  • Continuity: Try to maintain an element of consistency. Maybe that’s a color theme, or perhaps it’s in the accessories.

I specializes in capturing families in their best light, no matter the outfit choice. From helping you select your wardrobe to guiding you in posing naturally in it, I'm here to make sure your Albuquerque family portraits are everything you've envisioned and more.

Final Thoughts: Making it Work for You

The most important piece of advice I can give? Wear what makes you feel good. If you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show. Think about your family’s personality, your day-to-day life, and let that guide your outfit choice. Whether casual, formal, or a mixture of both, your attire should speak to who you are as a family.

Ready to capture beautiful family moments that you’ll cherish forever? Reach out to Adam Rios Photography. Together, let’s create something special, something that feels uniquely you.